Fertile Fields Farm, Westmoreland, NH

By Helen Brody (February 4, 2009)

fertile fields owners

Lori Schreier and her husband, James Warren, farm two acres of their three acre parcel of what was formerly the 50 year old Hall Family Farm in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. They live in an original farmhouse built back in the early 1800s with, according to Lori, “the old corn barn out back.” A grandson of the Hall family lives next door and recites stories about the farm stand where he used to help sell vegetables on Rte 9.

Their farm is certified organic and they manage it in as biodynamic way as possible. The soil is considered and treated as a living organism. Proper humus management, protection from wind and water erosion, cover crops, green manure (see cabbage photo below), diversified crops, and mixed cropping are essential so that plants can aid and support each other. Their five year old farm provides 50 varieties of vegetables primarily for their 40 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). They have three greenhouses and three beehives and in keeping with their bio-dynamic beliefs, they sell composting worms.

Farming is a second career for Lori and James. Lori was a social services and mediation lawyer and James graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in agronomy and plant science and has taught at several Waldorf Schools around the country. The couple worked on a variety of small farms before deciding to purchase their own farm in New Hamsphire.

With his teaching background James has attracted a number of student interns majoring in environmental studies from Keene State, Antioch College, and the School for International Studies. Many of the interns are planning to go into education so James plans a curriculum for them where they gain college credit for studying and working hands-on with him. Then he arranges student teaching assignments in environmental studies in the Brattleboro middle schools.

Fertile Fields Farm
Lori Schreier and James Warren
916 River Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
(603) 399-7772


Points of sale:

CSA – June to early October single, double, and family size shares pick up at their garage, Keene or

Brattleboro locations

Farmers’ Markets: Brattleboro (VT) Wednesday&Saturday