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Farmers Grateful: Fewer PYO Visitors “Sampling”

By Helen Brody (July 27, 2012)

Picking your own fruit is a wonderful way to spend time with family or friends. The New

Hampshire fruit season started early this year and growers are reporting a good start with their

crops and customers. “In past years, there have been many problems with PYO (pick-your-own)

visitors ‘sampling’ the produce without much thought of the effort and cost that went into

growing fruit,” mentioned New Hampshire Farm Bureau President Jeff Holmes. “However, I’m happy to report that this

season appears to be much better than in the past. Growers have a lot to deal with; uncooperative weather, insects and

diseases. So it’s nice to hear that visitors are much more respectful of our local farmers.”

Don Ross, co-owner and operator of Rossview Farm www.rossviewfarm.comin Concord is pleased to be

having a good experience with PYO visitors this year. He hasn’t noticed much berry theft this season and

questions if it is the economy making the difference. “I’m finding that most are very respectful and thoughtful,”

Ross mentioned. “Perhaps when times are tough, people realize that maybe others are having a tough time as well. No

matter what the reason is, it is nice to have a kind clientele along with a bountiful strawberry and blueberry crop.”

The owners of Saltbox Farm in Stratham were so upset about the amount of blueberries that walked off last

 season that they closed the farm stand doors earlier than usual. However, owner and operator, Irma

Goodrich has noticed fewer berries being eaten in the field as well. “So far so good,” Goodrich said. “We

opened on June 26, earlier than ever before and people have been very good and reasonable about eating

fruit in the field. We are glad that people support local farms and are respecting the food and our livelihood

this year.”

The New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation encourages visitors to enjoy the local fruit season and ask pickers

to use respect when visiting PYO orchards so they remain open for all to enjoy.

(Reprinted from the Weekly Market Bulletin published by NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food)

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