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Farmers Grain Survey

By Don Walker, Barnstead Farmers & Gardners Network (September 13, 2014)

The_Barnstead_Farmers_and_Gardeners_NetworkDear Farmer,

My name is Don Walker and I’m co-founder of the Barnstead Farmers and Gardeners Network, an all-volunteer group promoting our local farms. One of the other projects we are working on is the expansion of grain production here in New Hampshire, as well as other businesses associated with that. Milling grains for bakeries and malting grains for breweries would be among these.

In order for us to help build the base necessary to support grain production, it is important to know what farmers think. That is why we are sending you this survey.

With the current explosion of micro-breweries in the Granite State, we see an opportunity that could reap further rewards to our farmers. Supplying locally sourced grains to local breweries is just the beginning. What can come with that are places to malt the grains used by breweries, places that deal in storing and selling grains, in transporting the products and in selling the seeds to grow next year’s grain crop.

In addition, the residual business spillover from these operations will help establish further grain production, which will supply various grains to bakeries and secondary marketplaces for public purchase and consumption.

We ask that you take a moment to fill out the survey. To show that this is a serious effort, I also enclose a copy of the survey I did of micro-breweries almost a year ago. Clearly, you can see the opportunities that could be available.

Please help us to create more opportunities for our farmers.


The expressed purpose of this survey is to help build a new network for the expansion of grain production in New Hampshire. It is about building a base for you, and for future farmers, to offer a wider variety of products to vendors and/or the public. Without this network, we will continue to be reliant on others outside of our state for the basic staples our families need. Please take a moment and help us do that. Thank you!

Most respectfully,

Don Walker

Barnstead Farmers & Gardners Network – Facebook
PO Box 1
Center Barnstead, NH 03225


Download and mail in the Farmers Grain Survey 2014

New Hampshire Micro Brewery Survey Results


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