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Hidden Acres Farm, Newton NH
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The curve of the road brings you around and to the farm. There the tractors seem artfully situated near the driveway, the light shines through the barn door, the wrap-around porch greets you, and it all says “Welcome to Hidden Acres Farm.” The house, barn, and outer buildings retain the charm of a long-ago era. If the walls could talk, there would be many tales (and tails) of daily life on the farm.

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New Hampshire Piermont

Robie Farm, Piermont, NH Robie Farm, Piermont, NH

One of the staples at Robie Farm is their raw milk. This milk has three very important purposes. It is used for their cheeses, which are made on site, and it is also sold and used to feed calves. As of 2016, they have about 20 dairy cows that are milked daily. Lee milks the cows two days a week, while Mark milks them the rest of the week. Each of their cows has a name, and they keep track of lineage by naming each calf using the first letter of the mother’s name.

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Robie Farm, Piermont, NH Robie Farm, Piermont, NH

As with most farm families, the kitchen is where the action is. One winter morning at the Robie Farm, as members of the family completed their first-of-the-morning chores, each came in to fix breakfast. Freeman, the eldest son of Betty Sue and Lee, after completing what he called his “grunt work,” set two Robie farm-fresh eggs spattering in the fry pan. Mother, Betty Sue who tends to be more exacting when it comes to describing the family’s farm responsibilities, quickly put things in a more precise perspective by saying that Freeman does the “everyday outdoor and crop work that is required to keep a farm going.”

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