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Chris and Danielle LaValley worked on Blake Farms in Pembroke as teenagers. In 2006, they purchased the property – it was then that reality struck; there is a difference between working on a farm and owning a farm. Where to begin? Chris took on the responsibility of learning the science and methodology of farming so he could manage the fields. Danielle, began as cashier. As demand for their fresh products increased, she became the bookkeeper and manager for their retail farmstands in Hooksett and Manchester. Today the LaValleys in addition to the original farmland in Pembroke, but also farm in Allenstown and Hooksett to provide enough product for their increasing number of retail customers.

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New Hampshire Farm Women

Doris Porter, 1950’s Farm Wife
Posted December 21, 2014
Doris Porter, 1950’s Farm Wife

This article is first in a series on women in agriculture, whether on a farm, at a desk, or both. It is in celebration of the Department of Agriculture, Markets, & Food Centenary year, 2013-2014

When Doris married Clifton Porter in 1946, the couple’s dream was to own their own farm. After renting Gile Farm, for about a year, the couple bought the farm, renamed it Cottage Hill Farm, and lived “in the hills behind Lebanon’s Riverside Restaurant where everything was uphill” for 35 years.

Hazzard Acres, Springfield, NH
Posted April 7, 2013
Hazzard Acres, Springfield, NH

“I like living in the woods” says Donna Abair. “No one bothers me,” And, besides, my son has given me a calling here.”  Son Raymond, when he was age seven, found the size of the …

Evandale Farm, Pittsfield, NH
Posted December 9, 2012
Evandale Farm, Pittsfield, NH

Evandale Farm’s Ray Conner and Peter Dow are part of the growing small-scale, regenerative farming movement in New Hampshire and New England; part of a growing sect of first generation farmers who are rediscovering the challenges and rewards of running a small farm and business.

While Ray focuses on the production of organically-raised meats and produce, Pete is focused on generating on-farm energy in order to create closed-loop systems on their farm.

Kris Mossey, McLeod Bros. Orchards, Milford, NH
Posted September 24, 2012
Kris Mossey, McLeod Bros. Orchards, Milford, NH

When Donald W. McLeod died in 1991, he left his seven acre apple orchard to his wife, Valerie, and two daughters, Kris and Becky. Valerie takes care of the books and works beside Kris everyday as together they share in the belief that they share in the stewardship of their family’s land. The in-laws and Becky work full-time off the farm, and although they still perform many vital farm tasks, it is on Kris and her mother’s shoulders that the majority of the hands-on farm work and management fall. And with the growth of the farm, Kris’s commitment to promoting the state’s agricultural activities has grown as well.

Heidi Bundy, Tomapo Farm, Lebanon, NH
Posted June 16, 2012
Heidi Bundy, Tomapo Farm, Lebanon, NH

At the top of Storrs Hill from the family farm’s side porch Heidi Bundy looks out over the property that has been in the Storrs – Townsend families since 1769. Below, at the bottom of …

Lorri Downs, Longhaul Farm, Holderness, NH
Posted November 3, 2011
Lorri Downs, Longhaul Farm, Holderness, NH

Moving from teaching seventh and eighth graders to co-owning and managing a farm and dining pavilion might seem an enormous career jump for many, but though she carries memories of hard work on her parents’ …