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Hidden Acres Farm, Newton NH
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The curve of the road brings you around and to the farm. There the tractors seem artfully situated near the driveway, the light shines through the barn door, the wrap-around porch greets you, and it all says “Welcome to Hidden Acres Farm.” The house, barn, and outer buildings retain the charm of a long-ago era. If the walls could talk, there would be many tales (and tails) of daily life on the farm.

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New Hampshire Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee

Robie Farm, Piermont, NH Robie Farm, Piermont, NH

One of the staples at Robie Farm is their raw milk. This milk has three very important purposes. It is used for their cheeses, which are made on site, and it is also sold and used to feed calves. As of 2016, they have about 20 dairy cows that are milked daily. Lee milks the cows two days a week, while Mark milks them the rest of the week. Each of their cows has a name, and they keep track of lineage by naming each calf using the first letter of the mother’s name.

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Ragged View Farm, Andover NH Ragged View Farm, Andover NH

Growing up working on his uncle’s farm, Mark Cowdrey is no amateur when it comes to farming. Originally working as a carpenter, he began becoming more invested in his small, at-home farm when jobs began to grow scarce. With hard work and dedication, Mark took on the challenge of turning his 18 acres of land into the farm he had always dreamed of.

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Harding Hill Farm, Sunapee NH Harding Hill Farm, Sunapee NH

Harding Hill Farm is in a beautiful mountain location on Stagecoach Road in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Founded by Richard H. Webb in 1948, the farm includes a large white farm-house, a red barn with a cupola and solar panels, and spacious fields surrounded by forest. Richard purchased the property with the intent to run a bed and breakfast near the Mt. Sunapee ski area which opened in the same year.

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Yankee Farmer’s Market, Warner, NH Yankee Farmer’s Market, Warner, NH

To help pay for college, Brian Farmer made extra money flipping buffalo burgers for his cousin at fair concession stands. Needing extra help, he hired a very attractive college pal who happened to be a co-ed name Keira and a year later they were married. After graduating from college they followed their respective career paths, Brian in engineering and Keira, marketing. Forever etched in their taste buds, however, was the flavor of those buffalo burgers.

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Jenni Haynes, Crazy H Farm, Claremont, NH
Posted July 31, 2015
Jenni Haynes, Crazy H Farm, Claremont, NH

Expect a warm welcome when you drive into the Haynes family Crazy H farmstead in Claremont, NH. There’s an enthusiastic greeting committee composed of Stella the pot-bellied pig and her wiggly brood, two happy Labrador retrievers, Zuzu, the Dachshund, and assorted terriers. In the surrounding barns and fields, many more delightful characters wait to make your acquaintance, but none more delightful than the young lady farmer of the Crazy H.

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Sheila Fabrizio, Windy Ridge Orchard, North Haverhill, NH
Posted June 25, 2015
Sheila Fabrizio, Windy Ridge Orchard, North Haverhill, NH

Sheila Fabrizio grew up happily immersed in the agricultural life. Her father worked for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, both parents ran the family’s Windy Ridge Orchard outside their career jobs, and all five Fabrizio kids were involved in 4-H. But it was her journey to a far-away country that made her realize she wanted to come home to the orchard life.

“I certainly didn’t go off to college thinking I would have a career in agriculture,” says Sheila. “Probably the seed was planted when I was a kid, but it was really when I was in the Peace Corps in Senegal that I realized this is where I wanted to be.”

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